I´m Tamara Abalde, a Galician ceramist, founder and creator of the Hollymara brand.

After studying Fine Arts I came across ceramics by chance.

I was immediately fascinated by the incredible amount of artistic possibilities that this medium offered me and, after training for several years academically and through an apprenticeship, I decided to take the leap and set up my own workshop. Ceramics allow me to merge two fundamental aspects: the conceptual value behind each piece with the technique of artisan work. This is how projects related to the environment, sensitivity to the destruction of nature and pollution are emerging. Through beauty, I express my concern for the environment, making visible the consequences of climate change in the marine world.


Objects that become memories to treasure.

Handmade pieces that are characterized by their slow processes, details of great beauty and .

It’s a call to simple and well made objects that bring joy to everyday life. .

I like that my pieces are created very carefully and they bring up meaningful projects.

The most important thing for me is to express my concern for the environment and the consequences of climate change in the marine world.

The Keep breathing project focuses on creating lungs with different species of corals and other marine animals.

I want to see the Keep Breathing project.

I also develop a functional line where I mix design and quality. The creation of simple pieces and the importance of narrative in textures.

About the process

– Each piece is unique

Each piece of Hollymara is handmade in my workshop near Vigo. Due to this manual process, they can present small irregularities that make each piece unique. Each one tells the story of its process, from the modeling of the clay to achieve its shape or the pouring of the casting into the mold to even firing at a high temperature in the kiln, which causes a certain deformity in each object.

– Made of porcelain

I mainly use porcelain, a noble material that has three main characteristics: hardness, translucency, and whiteness.

– Beauty for daily use

They are pieces fired at 1250o so their finish is very resistant. They are suitable for food use, and hey are microwave and dishwasher safe.